The Best Gifts for Peloton Bike Lovers (2023)

So, you’re looking for the perfect gift for a Peloton bike rider for the coming holidays? Look no further, we got you covered. Lucky for you, we are Peloton addicts as well! We love it so much that, as a couple of mechanical engineers, we created our own add-ons and upgrades for our Peloton bikes. We engineer exclusive products that are affordable, durable, and practical. And in this article, we will list our favorite Peloton Bike accessories that make the best Christmas gifts. Santa is bringing the gift of fitness this year!

Peloton Bike Accessories and Gift Ideas Under $50

As the holidays draw closer, you might be thinking about what to Christmas gifts to get for the Peloton lovers in your life. How about gifting them some Peloton accessories to improve their workout? Take it from us Peloton addicts. But, as we all know, all things Peloton can definitely be quite pricey. Hence, this compilation is a list of gifts that are perfect for Peloton bike lovers who want to enhance their experience without breaking the bank.  

Pedal Converter: Turn Your Peloton Pedals into Normal Bike Pedals  

The first gift on our list is our very own Pedal Converters. This Peloton Bike accessory is one of our top picks as it converts the Peloton bike pedals to that of a normal bike. With the easy-install feature, the pedal converters are compatible with both the original Peloton and the Peloton Bike+. At $22.99, this pair of pedal converters are a great Christmas gift! 

Peloton Bike Fan: No Batteries, No Charging Needed  

Yes, you read that correctly. With variants available for both the Original and Bike+, the Fan for Peloton Bike is powered neither by batteries nor by charging. How? Easy. We designed this adjustable fan to be powered by the Peloton Screen. Starting at $27.99, our Peloton Bike Fan also comes with fun disco lights for nighttime rides while keeping you cool and refreshed. Festive and apt for the holidays. Don’t worry, if the lights aren’t your thing, you can easily turn them off to avoid distraction. 

Even better, installing this tiny wonder fan is a breeze, pun unintended. Simply place the bracket on the center bar, secure the bracket, plug the fan and voila! Affordable and the perfect gift indeed!

Neoprene Monitor Cover: Protection for your Peloton Monitors 

It's about the right time to start decorating for Christmas! If you're like us who re-use Christmas decorations, you'd know dusty holiday prep can get. Whether you’re buying a present for a friend, family, or yourself, nothing says an amazing gift like the TrubIiFit’s Neoprene Monitor Cover. 

Designed to fit like a glove, the sleeve hugs your Pelo screen and keeps it 100% safe with its thick and stretchy Neoprene material. We have tested multiple materials for our design and Neoprene is the best when it comes to durability and practicality for optimal protection. Not one part of your monitor is exposed. Finally, the two zippers and the Velcro back secure the Neoprene Monitor Cover to ensure it holds tight and firm. Our monitor covers are available for both Peloton Bikes and the Peloton Tread. With only $27.99+, you can protect your Peloton screen from dust and moisture today! 

Shoe Racks: Hassle-Free Shoe Organizer for Peloton Bikes    

If you want a no-fail Christmas gift for a Peloton lover, go for TrubliFit’s Shoe Racks. These bestsellers look unassuming but don’t be fooled! These Peloton Bike accessories are so special that they are custom-made. We designed two shoe racks for the Original Peloton, and one for the Peloton Bike+. 

The look, structure, and everything about these racks will fit seamlessly to your Peloton setup The Deluxe Shoe Rack for Original Peloton, Shoe Rack for Original Peloton, Shoe Rack for Bike+ are designed for and by Peloton addicts. Engineered to fit even the biggest shoes, you can air dry your shoes while keeping your workout area organized and clutter-free. Ranging from $19.99 to $29.99, gift that Peloton lover these shoe racks for Christmas!

Mat Towels: Help Them Keep Their Workout Area Clean

Let’s talk about maintenance for a sec. Keeping everything clean and hygienic. If you’ve been a Peloton user for quite some time, you’d know that sweat, dirt, and bacteria build up under your Pelo mat. Frankly, it’s disgusting. Which is why, as engineers, we created a mat towel that is durable, light, easily maintained, can handle daily washing, and more. The super absorbent Mat Towel (link) for Peloton is engineered by TrubliFit to hold 8x its weight in water. Quick drying and made with heavy duty microfiber, we designed our Mat Towel to handle daily use. The Mat Towel is the perfect Christmas gift for everyone who wants an easier clean up after getting in their work out.

Designed to go over, not below, the Pelo, TrubliFit’s Mat Towel for Peloton won’t get in the way of your workout. Easy to install and easier to remove, the corners of the Mat Towel have pockets which secure its position. Get this Peloton bike accessory now for only $38.99 while stocks last!     

There you have it, our list of the best Peloton accessories and gifts. Whether for the original Peloton or the Bike+, this list showcases a variety of useful and practical accessories and gifts to maximize anyone's Peloton investment. Also, better order now. Nothing can be more disappointing than not getting your purchase delivered on time, so hurry and get your Christmas gift shopping done before the holiday rush!

If you prefer to shop Peloton bike accessories and gifts online, good news! We are available on Amazon, too!

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