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Fan for Peloton Bike

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Custom Fit for Peloton

Each custom mounting bracket is designed to only fit the Original Peloton Bike or the Peloton Bike+. Please select the correct fan for your bike.

No Charging & No Batteries

We don’t have time to remember to charge a workout fan and we assume neither do you! Therefore, we designed our fan to be powered off the Peloton screen, so you are always ready to ride!

Matching Sleek Design

Our custom fan blends into the beautiful look of the Peloton Bike. Small but powerful, our fan looks like it was meant to be there.  

Keep Cool Breeze

Centered on the Peloton handlebars, our adjustable fan can be angled at your chest or face to keep you cool and riding faster than ever.

Optional Disco Lights

Hold the power button to turn on and off the multicolor disco lights. Just what you need to add a little funk to your nighttime ride!

Designed by Peloton Addicts

We are a couple obsessed with our Peloton and we love everything about it, but this bike should have absolutely come with a built-in fan! A cool breeze can keep us riding longer, stronger and breaking new PR’s. After over a year of engineering, we believe we have created the ultimate custom fan accessory for the Peloton bike.

A Gift They Will Love

Each time they hope on the bike, they will think of the awesome gift you gave them. Be cool and get them riding faster than ever.

Love It or Your Money Back

We love the unique design of all of our products, but if for any reason you do not absolutely love your purchase, send it back within 30 days for a full refund.


*TrubliFit is in no way associated with the brand Peloton Interactive Inc and does not represent Peloton in anyway.


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