Ultimate 7-Day Peloton Workout Routine

Here's a 7-day Peloton bike workout guide, designed for a Peloton Addict ready to crush those goals with some serious pedal power!

Day 1: Power Up Monday

  • Morning Ride: Kick off with a 20-minute "Wake Up Ride" with Jess King. Start your week with high energy and get that blood flowing!
  • Evening Ride: Tackle a 30-minute "HIIT and Hills" class with Robin Arzón. This will spike your heart rate and build strength.

Day 2: Tabata Tuesday

  • Single Workout: Dive into a 45-minute "Tabata Ride" with Ally Love. Prepare for bursts of intense efforts followed by short recoveries—total sweat fest!

Day 3: Climb High Wednesday

  • Morning Ride: Start with a 30-minute "Progressive Climb Ride" with Christine D’Ercole. Focus on gradually increasing resistance to simulate a mountain climb.
  • Evening Ride: Cool down with a 20-minute "Low Impact Ride" with Emma Lovewell to give those muscles a smoother, less intense workout.

Day 4: Throwback Thursday

  • Single Workout: Enjoy a 30-minute "80s Ride" with Jenn Sherman. Have fun riding to some classic tunes while keeping up the pace.

Day 5: Fearless Friday

  • Morning Ride: Energize your morning with a 30-minute "Pop Ride" with Cody Rigsby—bring on the bops and beats!
  • Evening Ride: Finish strong with a 45-minute "Live DJ Ride" featuring Alex Toussaint and a real-time DJ spinning tracks as you pedal.

Day 6: Endurance Saturday

  • Long Ride: Push your limits with a 60-minute "Power Zone Endurance Ride" with Matt Wilpers. Focus on staying in your designated power zones to improve stamina and performance.

Day 7: Self-Care Sunday

  • Morning Ride: Wind down the week with a 30-minute "Recovery Ride" with Denis Morton. It's all about recovery today, keeping things light and restorative.
  • Evening Activity: Close out with a 10-minute "Cool Down Ride" to fully relax and stretch out after the week’s efforts.

Each day is an opportunity to clip in and push past your personal bests. Don't forget to hydrate, high-five your fellow riders on the leaderboard, and enjoy your #PelotonJourney! 🚴‍♀️💪 #OnePeloton