5 Accessories for your Peloton that you didn’t know you needed

Peloton bikes were already gaining in popularity before the pandemic started, but months on end of quarantine and isolation led to a full-blown workout revolution. Forced to find ways to stay in shape at home, more and more families got a Peloton bike of their very own. 

Much more than your average stationary workout bike, Peloton comes with a whole biking enthusiast community you can connect to with classes and innovative interactions such as leaderboards, high-fives, and Facebook groups. 

If you’re a new Peloton user, here are some cool accessories that will make your experience that much better. 

#1. Mat Sweat Towel 

First things first, this isn’t a lazy workout. You’re going to sweat, possibly more than you’ve ever sweat before. Many people keep their Peloton bikes out in the open where they will get the most use, so you might want to protect your flooring with this super-absorbent floor mat that dries quickly. Without it, your flooring under the bike can get a little funky, and nobody wants that. 

#2. Towel Rack

Speaking of the buckets of sweat you’re sure to produce on your daily rides, how about a handy place to hang your towel? This towel rack is designed to look as if it came with the bike originally, and it’s a snap to install. 

#3. Shoe Rack

Let’s keep your home workout area neat and organized. If you’ve come this far, then you probably already know that the Peloton bike takes special shoes that clip on and off the pedals for safety. This handy shoe rack is attached to the back of the bike and gives you a tucked-away spot to keep these shoes. Now you won’t have to hunt all over the house for them before your next ride.  

#4. Phone Holder

Our world is obsessed with staying connected, and there’s no shame in that. If you’re going to spend an extended time on the bike, you might want to keep your phone handy. The Peloton doesn’t come with its own phone holder, but you can buy one as an accessory. This phone holder keeps the phone beneath the screen so that it doesn’t interfere with your ride. 

#5. Phone Holder + Headphone Holder

Last but not least, you can try this brand new accessory that combines the phone holder with a spot to keep your earbuds or AirPods. Now you can take your earbuds out in the middle of your ride if you need to and have a place to keep them safe. 

Take your cycling to the next level with these amazingly useful lifestyle accessories. It’s now easier than ever to combine fitness with your work and home life. Here’s to your continued good health.